Somali government Denied Ebola claims.

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Acting Somali minister of information Mustafe Shekh Dhoxulow on Friday rebuffed the circulated rumours on new Ebola case in Somalia. He said that Somalia is on high alert to protect its citizens from Ebola widespread.

“I’m telling those who published Ebola rumours to stop horrifying Somali people, there is no any Ebola detection case across the region. Health officials began screening people in Mogadishu’s Aadan Adde international airport “the minister said in a press statement.

He said that Somali ministry of information has contacted with Somali media directors to apologize about publishing Ebola reports. Recently about 850 Sierra Leone soldiers left from the African Union peace keeping mission in Somalia over Ebola outbreak.

“Mogadishu inhabitants or elsewhere in Somalia should get in touch with Somali ministry of health, if they experienced any Ebola threats” the press statement continued.

The recent Ebola rumours have raised fears among Mogadishu’s residents despite Ebola outbreak had killed more than 5,160 out of 14,098 people infected across eight countries in West Africa last year according to WHO.


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